Social Escort Job opportunities for Ladies?


Before we start a social escort agency in Singapore, we did't know the numbers of Singapore local girl willing to become an escort. Question peoples asked in the back of their head are, “ How Does Social Escort Work?, Is there many Singapore Freelance Girls Escort?, Is Escort Services legal?”

-- Who Are The Girls?--

Before we had an escort agency, we tend to be confuse between prostitution in Singapore again social escort? Prostitute provides erotic services and are mostly foreigners, they serve the general public like low wages workers, drivers, cleaners, construction worker, etc. Prostitute care more about quatity over service quality, which is not what most guys desired.


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Social Escort clients in Singapore are mostly sugar daddy that give money to relive the first love feels, clients are willing to pay SGD$500 and up to SGD$2000 an hour for an escort, why? Because Escorts are ladies that we stumble upon in our daily life, it's like a real girlfriend. “that's priceless”. Escort in Singapore are mostly educated, some even talented high profile girls, they are willing to spend quality time with the clients, travels or go to parties and event.

-- How I Become Escort?--

Most social escort girls kept are discreet because they don't want their families knowing they are sugar babies, You will be surprise that any one beside you can be a Freelance Escort. SG girls becoming a part time escort had grow to almost 200 - 300 monthly, typically escorts ages between 18 to 35 years old. We received new applicant on daily basis but less than 10% is selected.

One of our Escort say's, "I kept my identity confidential to prevent peers from judging me, i have being seeking for no strings attached sugar daddy to pay my bills or men looking for sugar babies as social companion in Singapore to support my financial needs". Those escort girls could be your ex-classmate in secondary, junior collage, university, maybe she's the co-worker in your office or might be a models or high profile girls”.
They could be everywhere and anywhere!


-- Is Social Escort Jobs Safe? --


Common question Ladies in Singapore ask during interviews, “What if the client become nasty or try to abuse us?”, "Is Social Escort in Singapore legal?", "Are we providing sex service or erotic services?". We say's, "We are very fortunate that in Singapore, Social Escort companies are registered in ACRA, and we provide non sexual companion".

Singapore is one of the safest country to be an Social Escort, but like SG Government says, “Low Crime doesn't mean No Crime”. We only accept booking in public places or venue that are within the central district that are well populist-ed, and for new clients, we will “escort” our escort to their assignments.


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